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Founded in 1984, Land Planning, Inc. has been helping clients in the fields of design, permitting, stakeout, inspection and certification of projects throughout New England. We have built a strong rapport with many towns in the area, allowing our work to meet a constantly changing demand.

On average, our engineers and surveyors have been with our company over twenty years.  Each of our personnel are highly skilled, educated and trained in their field.  This is very important in a profession that requires accuracy, integrity and professionalism. We are a one stop shop design firm that will save you time, money, and effort with our multi-disciplinary approach.


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When planning a new construction project, a certified plot plan is required for many long form applications as well as many zoning and plan review departments. It is necessary to adequately review the piece of land for approval of your project.

We have historically completed plot plans for projects such as In-Ground Pools, Decks, Sun-Rooms and other various Additions!

This type of drawing reflects everything existing on a property, such as any buildings, roads or structures.

This may be done pre-construction to plan the project, or post-construction to validate the construction done.

Commonly used drawings during construction, to reflect any changes from the intended design of your structure.

A Foundation As-Built may be required to show your building being within your community’s setback requirements. A Septic As-Built is generally required after installing a septic system to verify its grading and positioning.

Showing contours and elevations of natural and man-made features, such as an artificial fill or grading over a septic system.

This is a precise combination of research and field work to determine where your property begins and ends. Sometimes referred to as a Property Line Survey or Lot Survey, this often includes locating the boundaries of neighboring properties, staking your lot lines, and/or setting pins in the corners of your lot.

This includes working with towns and cities for permits, As-Built Plans, Construction Stakeouts, Road Layouts, Project Management, Inspections & Certifications, Property Line Determinations, and Site Planning

Studying any existing or future hydrology conditions

When planning a new building or substantial home renovation within a flood hazard area, you may be required to certify proper elevation of your home. It is also sometimes necessary when trying to obtain Flood Insurance.

After locating your lot corners, we can provide any number of markers along one or more property line. For corners, this may be an iron rod or a drill hole, while lot lines may be flagging or wooden stake.

Civil Engineering

Design of new and repaired Septic Systems

Such as handicap ramps or spaces

This may include a Certified Soil Evaluation, Percolation Test, Septic System Inspection, Design, Repair Design, or Installation Inspection.

A Site Plan may include several structures across several parcels of land, and is sometimes required during projects such as additions.

For the control, direction, and description of stormwater discharges

When working near protected and/or resource areas, there may be specific rules and regulations for your construction project. This type of plan may outline the precautions and measures necessary to protect the land. Information such as grading, sediment control, and maintenance practices may be included.

An environmental examination of your soil. This may include a Soil Suitability study, Percolation Testing or Deep Hole Testing.

Subdivision Plan

The subdivision of land involves dividing a parcel into two or more smaller lots for sale or further development, and is generally recorded in the registry of deeds.

This includes Site Evaluations, Industrial Layouts, Traffic Planning, Lot Design, Lighting Specifications, Groundwater Recharge, Waste Management, Environmental Impact Studies, and Stormwater Management

Wetlands Science

Multi-Disciplinary Survey for Many Needs

Location and Flagging of Wetlands

Conservation Requirements for Permitting

Request for Determination of Applicability Filing

Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Definition

Environmental Notification Forms & Environmental Impact Reports

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

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