Koopman Lumber, Grafton, MA

This commercial site in Grafton, MA  is just minutes from our main office, and is one of the largest commercial facilities in Grafton.  It is a complex with multiple commercial uses including retail space, office space, a drive through, self serve lumber yard, and a self storage facility.  The retail space includes a Large Koopman Lumber/ACE Hardware store, and several commercial storefronts.  The facility is very visible from Massachusetts Highways Routes 140 and  122. It has both easily accessible parking in front of the building for Koopman Lumber customers and for the storefront customers, and there is additional parking in the back for customers and employees.

Land Planning, Inc. performed the wetland delineation, the property line surveying, the existing conditions plan, the proposed site plan, the drainage design, the parking layout, the utility connections , the infiltration system, the detention pond and the spill prevention facilities.   This site was also designed to capture any hazardous waste spill on site or in front of the site.  For example, if there is an accident on route 140/122, and  an oil truck should spill gasoline on the road, the gasoline would be captured by the designed containment area, and could later be removed without any serious impact to the surrounding wetlands and Town well aquifer. We also applied for and successful obtained all necessary permits for the site including the Planning Board Site Plan approval and the Conservation Commission Order of Conditions.

One of the difficult problems we faced on this site was the finger projection of the wetlands into the middle of this site. This existing wetland area jeo[pardized the site and if remained untouched would  have made the site unfeasible. We were able to solve this challenge by designing a larger wetland to the left rear of the property, and also designing two hazardous spill containment areas.  One area for the existing State Highway and the other for the on site pavement.

Once all permits were obtained we  helped the contractor during construction of the project by staking out the location of all items to be built.  We inspected the work and prepared all the necessary as-built plans and certifications.  During our work on this project we  developed a strong relationship with the owners of Koopman Lumber and have since been hired for several other projects for them.

See our Commercial Site Design service for additional information on the techniques Land Planning, Inc. utilizes to make sites like this one a reality.

Koopman Lumber