Services for Realtors

Accurately valuing a property for sale can be difficult to do. For example, if a parcel of land has 40 acres and zoning requires 1 acre lots you DO NOT have 40 lots. The parcel may have 20 acres of wetlands, very little frontage, a town regulation for 500′ dead end length restriction, aquifer protection overlays, endangered species, and other restrictions. We highly recommend both buyers and sellers of land hire us to perform at least a conceptual design. Using online mapping resources, our knowledge of local bylaws, and our experience designing commercial and residential sites, we can design an affordable and realistic conceptual plan. We will also suggest what alternative types of development best suite your parcel such as open space, affordable housing, mixed use and other types of developments. Also, having a fully approved definitive subdivision or site plan can add value to a parcel or give a buyer complete confidence to purchase a parcel.

Land Planning, Inc. offers many services that can assist real estate agents and their clients. Some of our services that pertain to Realty are as follows: