Environmental Consulting

At Land Planning, Inc we care about the environment that we live in. Construction of a new site or addition to an existing site can cause major impact to wetlands, rivers, ground water, and other resource areas. We take pride in our ability to find and locate all types of resource areas on a subject parcel before any design work is done. It is important to accurately locate these features not only to design around them but also to have a smooth approval process. Local, State, and Federal government agencies are equally adamant about protecting these environmentally sensitive areas.

Not only do we accurately locate environmentally sensitive areas we also utilize modern technology to meet or exceed the Best Management Practices (BMP). We design sustainable sites that minimize the pollution from wastewater, sewage, and stormwater of the proposed development. When Land Planning, Inc. designs your site you can be confident you are protecting the environment. Also, the environmental protection agencies will be more likely to approve your site.