Planning, Design, Completion Services

Our team of professionals will guide you from concept to completion.  You may have a specific requirement, such as a repair of your septic system, or you may have a vision of a large development such as a professional office park.

Land Planning, Inc. can help you each step of the way.  Our professionals can help you with a concept site plan and a financial analysis. With a preliminary study we can show you the approximate  topography, wetlands, flood plane, endangered species, aquifer protection zones, zoning information and various special overlay districts that may exist on your site, without ever leaving out office. We can provide and evaluate alternative designs and help you to select the best solution for your needs.

Before you purchase a parcel for your home or business, hiring Land Planning, Inc. can save you money.  We will evaluate your potential site and provide you with the information that you will need to make an informed decision whether the subject parcel is right for your home/business.  We can also explain the approval process to you, provide you with a free estimate of the design and permitting costs, and help you to determine the total projected construction cost, and schedule of your project.  Armed with this information you will be better prepared to arrange for the financing of the project, and to negotiate for the purchase of the property.

Once you have made your decision to proceed with your project we will assign one of our engineers as your project manager and primary contact, and send our surveyors, botanist and engineers to your site to obtain accurate information. We will assess and locate the critical existing conditions, such as wetland resource areas, flood planes, topography, aquifer protection zones, roadways, existing utilities, and structures. We will information on any projects proposed nearby that could have an impact on your project.  We will also check with various Town/City employees to gather all information possible that could impact your project.

We will then begin the design process and invite you often to participate in all critical design decisions such as the position of your new facility on the property.  As the design progresses we will hold internal team project reviews to insure that the design meets your needs and satisfies our goals of accuracy, cost effectiveness, and sound engineering.

Once your project is fully designed and approved by you, we will then present it to the various Federal, State, City, and Town agencies that will need to review the plans and issue the necessary permits.  During this process we will keep you informed of all revisions necessary to obtain the necessary permits.

Upon final approval we can assist you to find and select a qualified contractor, and help the contractor with the construction of the project.   We can stake the elevation and location of all items to be built, inspect their construction and certify the completed work.  Then we can obtain the necessary completion permits from the approving authorities.

At Land Planning, Inc. we can make an idea for you new home or business project  and make it a reality.

Full Service – Concept to Completion

1With concept planning, land surveying, environmental analysis, civil design, approval process, stakeout, inspection, and certification, Land Planning, Inc. covers all the services needed to take your project from idea to reality.

Experience – 28 years of success

2With thousands of survey and engineering projects in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut our education, training, diligence, and experience will ensure the successful completion of your project.

Accurate, Cost Effective, Solutions

3 Using the full resources of the internet for affordable concept designs, utilizing cutting edge cost effective design techniques, and producing effective sustainable sites your project will get the most for your money with Land Planning, Inc.

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Spring is fast approaching, start the approval process now

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Happy Holidays from Land Planning, Inc.

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Happy Holidays from Land Planning, Inc.

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Use caution when buying a "buildable lot"

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A&D Pizza Expansion

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A&D Pizza Expansion

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Is my Land Surveyor professionally licensed in MA?

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Is my Land Surveyor professionally licensed in MA?

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